The Meditteranean countries and their neighbours lived for thousands of years with the knowledge of the importance of health gained through olive oil.

They searched for thousands of medicines. Cures for their troubles and remedies for their illnesses within the olive oil. The benefits of olive oil are uncountable. As a result of ongoing researches. New findings rgarding this miraculous oil are made every day on the positive effects on the human body.

Olive oil which forms a fundamental part of the Meditteranean diet and exists as a prime. Example of proper and healthy nutrition. Modern medical science has proved in their researches that it plays an important role especially in the obstuctions in cardio-vascular diseases. Olive oil reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and increases the ratio of the cholesterol required by the body.

As a result of these properties, it is acknowledged as the most effective 'natural medicine' against arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks. Olive oil being highly rich in primarily 'e' vitamin as well as 'a,d,k' it rectifies the digestion system is utilized in eliminating gastritis and gall bladder. ?ntestines and urinary systems complaints. By means of the vitamins that it contains, it is acknowledged as an affective substance in cell renewal. delaying the ageing of tissue and organs and in prevention of teeth decay. It reduces the sugar level in the blood in diabetic illnesses. It is ideal against constipation and broken nails. Olive oil feeds the skin. protects the hair and beautifies. By means of the linoleic acid contained. when a few drops are added nutrient that won't make babies miss their own mother's milk.

The 'e' vitamin ingredient acts as a protecting agent against cancer. Along with the other vitamins contained and with the assistance of minerals such as calciun, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper and maganese and sulphur. olive oil adds to the growth of bones.