The God of gods ZEUS, told the gods who wanted to govern the city of Athens to bring the fruit that would be most useful to the people and he would honour them with the key of the city. The god of the seas Poseidon presented Zeus with the most beautiful. powerful horse on the planet. but Athena brought only one olive tree as a present. Zeus accepted the tree from which the oil would give life to mankind as the most valuable gift and thereby the city was named after Athena. Homeros called his olive oil 'molten gold' while Hippocrates stated that this miraculous remedy was holy. If the olive is 'the Fruit of the Gods' then olive oil is the spirit of the future and the past..

Olive oil is a nutrient that is a pleasing and filling. has existed over the ages and produced by mankind by means of the earth as in all matters gains its pedigree through hard labour. It is a piece of bread dipped in a dram of olive oil that has carried societies over the centuries and given life to civilizations. Pure olive oil is a natural filtered oil possessing a colour about to transform from green to yellow, a miraculous fruit pressed in authentic methods brought to the table with no additives to its colour, taste or fragrance. Despite olive oil being a kind of oil producers call it 'Fruit Juice'. Almost all herbal oils are produced by pressing their seeds, amongst these it is only olive oil that is produced from its fruit itself and not its seeds. It is said that tastes may be obtained from some filtered olive oils such as almond, apricot, artichoke, apple and plum. As well as the colour and density its possession of a fruity taste is an important factor in determining the quality of the oil.

Besides olive oil being the foundation stone of the traditional cuisine of the Mediteranean and its surrounding geography, over the ages it showed itself among rituals aimed at religious and social purposes. Besides the healthy benefits to long life and the undescribable taste that addesses the human taste buds, people in time have transformed olive oil into he world's most healthy soap and into a fuel for lamps All of the civilizations established in West Asia and the Meditteranean region used olive oil in lightening holy areas, worshipping their kings and in making sacrifices to their gods. Besides this they also accepted olive oil as a pleasant fraguance and the main substance in the mixtures they prepaired in order to reflect their skin as young and healthy. Olive oil existed in every event ranging from massaging the aching muscles of the soldiers to soaps made for cleaning. Olive oil as is 'everything' is a unique medicine and a new benefit to human health is discovered every day. In all ages of Anatolia olive oil was exalted as a priceless source of health and youth and is the closest substant to mother's milk from the ingredients and purity point of view. This oil is as pure as mother's milk and as precious as mother's milk.

Turkey having a rooted history in olive oil production and farming holds a place amongst the largest producers of olive oil in the world with countries like Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal. According to the results of mant researches while the homeland of olives is accepted as Anatolia, olive tress trees are grown in almost every region from the Aegaen to Artwin and from the Marmara to Mardin. The total global olive oil production is estimated at approximately 460 million gallons. When we look at the figures of year 2000 our production is around 180 thousand tons and in every year of olive oil production a little increase in.